Product review - Wave Distribution UBK Fatso

Wave Distribution - UBK Fatso

Music Radar Review:"Oh-So-Fat, 5 Stars"

Tape Op Review:"Splat! Thwack! Boom! Perfect!"

Beards & Gear Review:"Vintage Sauce"

"There are hundreds of compressors out there, and a few tape sims too, but in one box and for this price there isn't anything to compare."- Future Music Magazine

"The UBK fatso is the singular most useful thing you could EVER buy if you only are digital/in-the-box." - Kassin

"You can use it transparently or you can use it to add a fistful of character — and on top of that, it still gives you that FATSO analog magic!."- Tape Op Magazine

"Lots of color is the name of this game."- The Bearded Man

"Anything you throw at it sounds fantastic!"- Matt Stivers

"The UBK Fatso is the most disgustingly awesome bit of kit. Everything sounds so huge through it, you can not make this thing sound bad."- WMP


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