Product review - EL8 Distressor

Empirical Labs - Distressor EL8

“Every once in a while a product comes along with “classic” written all over it. And in a certain sense of the word, this product actually is a classic already.”- Barry Cleveland, MIX Magazine

“The most impressive and versatile compressor I have ever used”- Michael Brauer

“ The Distressor would be the last piece of hardware many engineers would relinquish; you’d have to pry it from their cold, dead hands, as the saying goes”- Pro Sound News

“A really good sounding vocal compressor.  Guitars, Drums. Everything.

You can’t have too many Distressors.” - Tchad Blake, Tape Op Magazine

“ The Distressor is the one thing that I know I can put on everything...anything...and it’ll sound better than ever.” - Recording Magazine

“The unit is really awesome! I’ve used it on guitars, bass, room mics, vocals it works great on everything. I’ve used it on records I’ve made with Beck, U2, Etta James, Hole and lots of others. I’m about to buy a second one.”- Joe Chicarelli, Producer/Engineer

“I also like the Distressor. I have two of them, but I should have six of them. I’m going to get some more” - David Kahne, Producer

“It’s one of the most user friendly easy to read, best sounding compressors. I’ve had for ages,  There’s nowhere I wouldn’t use it!”- Mike Keating, FOH Engineer-Sting Tour

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