Product review - EL7X Fatso

“In a word, the FATSO is a very good answer to what a lot of people loathe about digital recording. It smooths out the sharp, brittle edges to exactly the extent you choose, and fills in the hairline cracks just right. I use one on almost every mix I do. I could easily use one and quite possibly two more.” - George Massenburg

“The winner of the highly -coveted, “I’m going to write you a check right after the show award  was picked up by Empirical Labs for its FATSO processor”- Craig Anderton, Pro Sound News

“Empirical Labs Fatso took this category, despite the introduction of a variety of cool new processors. Who can resist the best aspects of analog tape combined with great compression” - EQ Magazine

 “The kick drum chain was pretty complex, and on the bass and keys, I used a variety of the old compressors, as well as six Fatso compressors chained together for the surround mix and the SSL console compressor for the 2-channel mix. They sound great; they are clean and variable and dynamic.”- Kevin Shirley (on using the FATSO for Led Zeppelin’s recent 5.1 Live DVD)

"All I know for certain is that I mixed a record through one recently, and ever since I’ve been at a loss to figure out what I’ m going to do without one.”- Electronic Musician Magazine

 “People used to have to hunt for old, expensive gear to get the kind of sounds that the FATSO gives me.” - Ed Cherney  (Lenny Kravitz, Dave Mathews, Eric Clapton, The Wallflowers, Goo Goo Dolls, Jackson Brown, Bonnie Raitt, Stones, etc.)

“For over a decade the FATSO Jr. has had a proven track record of adding a warm fuzzy feeling to every buss and instrument it has ridden, and I will tell you the buss compressor alone is worth the price of admission.” - Recording Magazine


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